School killer showed far-right sympathies on social media

Publicerad 2015-10-22

The 21-year-old man suspected of assaulting pupils and teachers at a school in Trollhättan, Sweden today had expressed clear far-right sympathies on social media, Expo reveals.

The motive behind the attack is still unknown, but Expo's sources confirm the police are investigating a possible political motive.

Expo can reveal that during the last month the suspect had shown clear sympathies for extreme right-wing and anti-immigrant movements. On his YouTube channel, he "liked" several videos by an influential Swedish neo-fascist blogger and commentator who is active in both Swedish and international far-right media.

In some of the blogger's YouTube videos, he talks about "the hellish multicultural project" and describes himself as an opponent of "Jewish control of the media in western civilization" and emphasizes "the significance of race in society".

On YouTube the suspected perpetrator also "liked" videos glorifying Nazi Germany. On his Facebook account, he had also shown sympathies for the Sweden Democrats party's campaign for a national referendum on immigration.

It was on the morning of Thursday that the male suspect entered a primary school in the Krongården area of the town of Trollhättan and attacked students and teachers with several knife-like objects, according to police.

Four persons were injured in the attack, two teachers and two students. A teacher and one of the students were wounded so severely that they later died of their injuries. The two other victims are currently being treated in a hospital. They are said to be in critical but stable condition.

The suspected perpetrator was shot by police during his arrest, and died just before 4 pm on Thursday.

The suspect had no previous criminal convictions.
Maria-Pia Cabero, Jonathan Leman, Alex Bengtsson. Translation: Morgan Finnsiö

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