• Björn Söder

Jews and Sami are not Swedish

2014. The Sweden Democrat’s party secretary Björn Söder received international media attention when he claimed that Sami and Jews who do not abandon their ethnic identity are not part of the Swedish nation.

– I think most people with Jewish origin who’ve become Swedish leave their Jewish identity. But if they don’t it doesn’t have to be a problem. You have to separate citizenship and national belonging. They can still be Swedish citizens and live in Sweden. Sami and Jews have lived in Sweden for a long time, said Björn Söder to Dagens Nyheter.

Moreover, Björn Söder claims many people in Malmö ”are not Swedes” but representatives for other nations, such as the ”Arabic nation”. When asked what country the ”Arabic nation” is he answered:

– No, there isn’t any country with that name. Arabs live in several states. However it’s desirable that the geographic boarders of a state correspond to the spread of its people.

Björn Söders’ statements awoke strong reactions, not in the least because he as second deputy speaker of the Swedish Parliament clearly has shown that he does not represent all Swedes.

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