Sweden Democrats: the hatred and racism 2017-05-22T09:29:44+00:00

2013 July

Prosecuted for hate speech

Michael Hess, vice president of SD in Karlskrona Municipality, wrote that rape is "deeply ingrained" in Islamic culture. The Sweden Democrats agreed.

2012 September

Petition against mosque

The Sweden Democrats in Östersund tried to stop a mosque due to Muslims' alleged views on, for example, stoning and child marriage.

2012 July

Anti-Muslim conspiracy theories

Shortly before the trial against Anders Behring Breivik the MP Richard Jomshof portrayed Islam as a threat, far worse than Nazism.

2011 July

2011 February

2010 October

Provoked by talk of human equality

When the Bishop spoke about equality and human rights at the opening of the Swedish Parliament, the Sweden Democrats chose to leave the cathedral.

2010 September

2009 October

Conspiracy theories about Muslims

During 2009 the Sweden Democrats made its mark as an islamophobic organization, claiming that Muslims in Europe was the worst threat ever.

2009 March

2008 April

2008 January

Financial support for Nazis

Several representatives from the Sweden Democrats had supported militant Nazi groups in the past two years, Expo and the newspaper Expressen revealed.