• Skattebetalarnas förening riskerar att kuppas av Sverigedemokraternas

Attempted coup against the Taxpayers’ Association

2005. The far right extremist and multi-millionaire Carl Lundström, together with like-minded, had planned to perform a coup within the Taxpayers’ Association, for their annual meeting. To help him, Lundstrom had several leading Sweden Democrats on his side.

In an email exchange between Sweden Democrats who took part, the then National Executive member Kenneth Sandberg, wrote that the wealthy association would turn into “a useful means for our struggle”. In an email exchange between Sandberg and Lundstrom it was revealed that members of local branches would be informed of the plan to take over the association and that they would be asked to join it.

Expo, however, exposed the plans before the meeting. Once at the Taxpayers’ annual meeting several leading Sweden Democrats showed up, such as the then party leader Mikael Jansson as well as Tomas Johansson, the Party Leader for The National Democrats and the prospective SD leader Jimmie Åkesson appeared as well. The coup failed and the Sweden Democrats did not get any money.

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