Book burnings in a Nazi summer-camp

1996. Anders Westergren, who is the leader of the Sweden Democrats’ local branch in Skåne Höör, leased some of his land to the National Socialist Front for their summer camp in 1996. Nazis from other countries also attended the camp. It was organised by the new National Socialist Front member Jan Bengtsson, who the year before had been on the Sweden Democrats National Executive.

At the camp an organised book burning took place, and in a video documenting the camp, one can clearly see his wife Tina Hallgren Bengtsson who was still with the Sweden Democrats at the time. She was the vice-president of the party from 1993 to 1995. In the video she does the Hitler salute and in her speech she says:

“We can with good conscience take the fight against the poison of humanity: Marxists, Liberals and particularly the Zionist Occupation Government. As the vermin they are they shall be crushed like fleas!”

Jan Bengtsson later returned to the Sweden Democrats and he was part of the local leadership in 2013 in Höör.

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