• Thoralf Alfsson, riksdagsledamot Sverigedemokraterna

Concern regarding population exchange in Kalmar

2014. In a post on the Sweden Democrat MP Thoralf Alfsson’s blog on May 7th, 2014, he claims that there is a population exchange in Kalmar County through childbirth among other things:

“The population growth in Kalmar should make everyone contemplate what is going on. I know I’m worried and if I lived in Högsby, I would be even more worried.”

The post continues:

“The number of people with Swedish background is decreasing, with more than 11 000 people or by about 1000 persons a year in Kalmar. At the same time there is a rise in the number of people with a foreign background. In 2002, there were 23,256 people with a foreign background in Kalmar and by 2013 it had risen to 33,736 people. This is an increase by about 1000 individuals per year. This is mostly due to people moving here, but also due to children being born. The population exchange underway in Kalmar County means that 1000 Swedes disappear every year and in comes 1000 foreigners.”

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