• Kent Ekeroth i Riksdagen

Conspiracy theories about Muslims

2009 One of the party’s high profile politicians, Kent Ekeroth, starts up the Anti-Islamification Fund with his twin brother Ted Ekeroth, to raise money against the “Islamification” of Swedish society. In a speech at the Sweden Democrat’s National day in 2009 Kent Ekeroth does not mince his words about the perceived problems of what he called the most important political issue of our time:

“Every civilisation will sooner or later come to a crossroads, and at that crossroads you either surrender with a gentle sigh, or you fight for your survival…

That same year, he invited the British extremist Alan Lake to a meeting arranged by The Anti-Islamification Fund. Alan Lake urged the participants to form alliances with football hooligans. The anti-Muslim rhetoric permeated the party’s statements throughout the year. In the party’s newsletter The SD Courier, Richard Jomshof described Islam as an ideology and argued that the growing number of Muslims in Europe was the worst threat ever: “far worse than the historical threat of Nazism and Communism.” This was followed up with an article by Jimmie Åkesson in Aftonbladet that explained the party’s stance on Islam:

“As a Sweden Democrat, I see this as our biggest foreign threat since World War II”.

Photo: Kent Ekeroth in the Swedish Parliament.

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