“This is our country”

1995. In the SD bulletin in November 1995 the Sweden Democrats publish a response to a post written by Kurdo Baksi in the Swedish Daily (Dagens Nyheter) where he, according to the Sweden Democrats, spoke about “how bad

[immigrants] were treated by Swedish society”. The Sweden Democrats call Baksi a foreigner and they write:

“You cannot change your nationality, Kurdo Baksi. Accept that you are not and you never will be Swedish, just as we cannot be Chileans or Bolivians, simply by living in those countries for a few years. Nationality is innate and comes from a common language, culture and history. You are foreigners and have nothing to do with our history. A people and their country are closely knit together. We Swedes have since ancient times inhabited this land. It is ours and no one else’s. You have your own countries and they are your places on earth. This is our country, and it is not about “disillusioned Swedes looking for scapegoats for their personal failures”, as you condescendingly tell people. Our only crime is that we want to have our own country for ourselves but apparently that is just too awful!”

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