• Jan Milld Sverigedemokraterna

A disco fire is seen as immigration expenses

2004. The Sweden Democrats elected Jan Milld as party secretary. Milld was a famous writer in far right circles and was among other things behind the association Blågula frågor (“Blue and Yellow Questions”). In the party’s newsletter The SD courier, where now-MP Richard Jomshof was Editor in Chief and Publisher at the time, Milld wrote chronicles in his very own column with the name “Mildly said”.

In a longer article, the then Party Secretary, reported on things which he felt should be included as “immigration expenses”. The background to this was that Milld previously had written an article about the book “Multiculturalism or welfare?” by Lars Jansson.

Milld wanted to refute those who had criticised the book and demonstrate that there certainly was a lot more stuff that could be included in the bracket “immigration expenses”. Some of the things the Party Secretary mentioned was: “the fight against bed bugs, the discotheque fire in Gothenburg, lost revenue due to reduced tourism, road accidents, football referee abuse, tuberculosis control and new hymens.”

Photo: Party Secretary Jan Milld.

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