Juror and Sweden Democrat kept his seat despite anti-Semitism

2011. It was in 2009 that the Sweden Democrat and Juror of the Värmland District Court, Erik T. Johansson, sent anti-Semitic emails to a party colleague. In the e-mails he linked to anti-Semitic websites where, for example, it was argued that “The Germans took appropriate measures against the Jews.” Johansson writes in the email, with reference to the anti-Semitic websites: “No smoke without fire” and “We also know that it is the victors who write history, therefore it is important to view the “official truth” with critical eyes”.

In another email he ensured that he was not a “Jew hater”, but that “it is a fact that behind many events in the world, there are Jews in high-ranking positions, thus it is interesting to read the Jew critical websites, discussion forums and blogs.” An exclusion case was taken up against him, and in 2011 the decision came to allow him to remain in the party.

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