• Lars Emanuelsson, f d partiorganisatör Sverigedemokraterna

Party organiser sentenced for extortion

1997. Lars Emanuelsson, who was still Party Organiser, was sentenced in September 1997 to four months in prison for extortion. The Treasurer of the Party, Henry Enmark, got three months imprisonment for the same offense.

The origin of the case was a dispute between The Party centrally and the local branch in Ekerö just outside of Stockholm. The dispute ended with Emanuelsson and Enmark threatening another member with violence. With a baseball bat they forced Freddy Fjällklint from the local branch on Ekerö into a car and got him to sign a promissory note and deposit 10,000 SEK from the local branch account to the National Organisation’s account. The ruling was later upheld in the Court of Appeal.

Party Leader Mikael Jansson commented on the case, saying: “This is a bullshit thing that should not have to affect Lasses political future.”

Photo: Lars Emanuelsson, Party Organizer.

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