• Sverigedemokraterna Carina Herrstedt och Thoralf Alfsson

Prospective Sweden Democrat MPs convicted of libel

2008. Carina Herrstedt, local politician, the party’s second vice president and prospective MP is convicted along with her partner Stefan Olsson for libel, after posting a blog post in September 2007 where they named and accused an activist from Communist Youth of Sweden of participating in an attack against the Sweden Democrats in Eslöv in 2006.

The next year, they were again sentenced for accusing the same person of violently attacking a political opponent at a Sweden Democrat meeting in Malmö and then being arrested for it. The accusation spread online and was also posted on Thoralf Alfsson’s blog, a prospective MP and a person who is famous for mobilising “foot soldiers” via his blog. He was sentenced for defamation of character because of the article in 2008, where the same person is named as a left extremist and a criminal.

Photo: Carina Herrstedt and Thoralf Alfsson.

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