Racist outbursts in local radio

2003 On the 5th November 2003, SD politician Björn Lennartsson in Askersund called the local radio station in Örebro and left a message. Lennartsson had gotten worked up about a jingle they played, and demanded that it be stopped: “Stop playing that damn blue nigger. Cursed negro bastards who are burping and wailing like fucking calves. Can you not stop with that damn nonsense?”

Lennartsson was not expelled from the party, but when he shortly afterwards wrote a letter to the editor of the local publication Nerikes Allehanda, which contained verbal abuse against the newspaper’s staff, the leadership called for his resignation from the party. Lennartsson preceded the exclusion case and left the party.

Afterwards, party leader Mikael Jansson spoke out about his view on the matter:

“He has chosen a bottom-up perspective that I do not see as successful. I do not believe Lennartsson is extreme in any way and the letter was not extreme, but it was written in a way that definitely does not favour us.”

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