• Erik Hellsborn Sverigedemokraterna

Sweden Democrat recommended Nazi literature

2006. In the 2006 election, Erik Hellsborn was elected to the County Council in Varberg for the Sweden Democrats. That same year he suggested the book “Retaliation” to the readers of his blog and called it one of his favourite books.

The book, which was published by a Nazi publisher, is about how a Swedish man executes immigrants, murders a Jewish media mogul family and finally executes the Prime Minister, in the book named Göran Påhlsson. When Expo asked Hellborn about it, he explained that he thought the book contained an interesting vision for the future and he found it entertaining.

The same man later claimed, after Anders Behring Breivik’s massacre and terrorist attacks in Oslo, that it was multiculturalism that had made a murderer Breivik out of Breivik.

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