• Jonas Åkerlund, Sverigedemokraterna

Sweden Democrat wants half a million “parasites” to be thrown out

2002. In the early 2000s, The Sweden Democrats’ deputy leader Jonas Åkerlund, number 1 candidate for elections to the Stockholm City Council, participated in the Sweden Democrats community radio broadcasting under the name “Victor”.

On February 2nd, he suggested that immigrant children who bully other children should be punished by being sent “back home” along with their families. On 3rd August he repeated a calculation that he presented in an earlier broadcast:

“If we were to return 500,000 of the most obvious and worst parasites, meaning those who do not have need of protection. Those who are in Sweden for no other reason than to exploit us financially. If we simply send them home again, half a million people, the Swedish economy would look radically different within a year.”

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