Sweden Democrat candidate in attack against anti-racists

2003. On March 22, the police checked up on a Nazi gang in connection with an attack against anti-racists in Helsingborg. The police had been called to the scene after anti-racist demonstrators had stones and bottles thrown at them. When the police arrived the gang fled the scene.

They finally caught up with them and the police found a bag of empty bottles that none of the individuals wanted to acknowledge. All in all the police searched 15 people. Among them was a local leader of National Socialist Front, and the tenth name for the Sweden Democrats on the list for municipal elections the year beforehand.

He later admitted that bottles had been thrown. Expo could later reveal, in the spring of 2003, that the same Sweden Democrat, in the midst of an election campaign was caught on camera along with two others doing Nazi-style “Sieg Heil” salutes at a party.

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