About us

Expo is an anti-racist foundation without affiliation to any party or religion. We are working towards an open democratic society by countering racist ideas and organizations.

The foundation was first established in 1995 as the Hill Foundation, by Stieg Larsson (1954–2004) among others. In 2001, it was renamed the Expo Foundation.

We believe that racist organizations and ideas are more efficiently countered the better we understand and are reminded of their attractive power, their history, and their threat. That is why we do not confine ourselves to simplified explanations or particular ideological models in our work.

We work with those who share our basic values, and we are here for those who do not want people to be judged by where they come from, what god they believe in, what the color of their skin is or what their faces look like.

Monitoring hategruops

The central work of Expo is the monitoring of political milieus and phenomena that are characterized by racist ideas, such as right-wing extremism, radical islamism and conspiracism. In addition, we have the largest archival collection of racist material in the Nordic countries. The archive consists mainly of far-right material from the post-World War II period, containing propaganda in printed as well as in digital form – tens of thousands of documents in total. Material from the archive may be made available to researchers and journalists seeking insight into far-right groups and phenomena. The archive gratefully accepts any donations of material, whether historical or contemporary.

Since its inception, Expo has published the magazine of the same name. In it, we deliver in-depth investigations, stories and analyses of racist ideas and groups, how they affect our society, and how they can be countered. Our online news section tracks daily developments in our field of focus, providing commentary, articles and investigations. We also publish books and reports. Since 2009, we have been releasing annual reports on the field of organized ideological racism in Sweden.

Education and collaboration 

Expo’s educational branch offers schools, organizations, public agencies and businesses rich lectures on a range of topics related to racism and intolerance. We give hundreds of talks to tens of thousands of listeners every year. We also offer the possibility of in-depth collaboration with our educational branch.

Expo’s board of directors is tasked with making sure the foundation’s by-laws are followed, holds overall responsibility for the foundation’s work, and appoints the CEO. The board works on a volunteer basis.

Initially run entirely by passionate volunteers, Expo has grown and developed over the years, and today has a number of permanent staff. But our volunteer colleagues remain important in the foundation’s work.

Financed by our supporters

The Expo Foundation is partially funded by the sale of ads, educational courses and lectures, donations, magazine subscriptions and in-house products and publications. With the exception of the Swedish Art Council’s support grants for our magazine and online news service, the foundation receives no state funding.

In addition, economic support in the form of donations from private persons, businesses and organizations is a vital condition for our work. Expo’s biggest regular donor is Moggliden AB, which administers the intellectual property rights to Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” series of novels.