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The violence, hatred and racism the Sweden Democrats wants us to forget

In an interview with the Sweden Democrat leader in 2014, Jimmie Åkesson talked about the ideology of the party and about his own road into politics. The interview stirred debate concerning the history of the Sweden Democrats and its nazi-ridden past.

As far as Åkesson was concerned, the story sounded as it normally does. He explained that the Sweden Democrats never have been an openly racist party and that there were no nazi roots. Problems that the party might have had, were due to certain individuals. He even said that, once they had the resources, they might consider presenting a sort of ”white paper” on the history of the party. Once and for all reconciling the racism and the extremism.

This is where we enter the picture. This is the ”white paper” that the Sweden Democrat’s would need to write, but never will be able to write. The racism of the Sweden Democrats is not something pertaining to the past. It is part of the party’s whole idea. Their ”white paper” will never be a reconciliation. That’s why we’re doing it. As a reminder of what the Sweden Democrats represent.

Daniel Poohl, head of the Expo Foundation

Daniel Poohl, Stiftelsen Expo

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