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Ditt stöd hjälper oss bekämpa rasism och främja demokrati genom granskning och kunskapsspridning.

– The posts made by Anders Behring Breivik on the site document.no and the manifest that he has spread places him in an ultra conservative anti-muslim environment. It is in this ideological strain that he has found the inspiration, arguments and analyses that have made out the greater part of his writing.

– The anti-muslim environment that Anders Behring Breivik lives in is made up of an idea based on the clash of civilization, a war between islam and the west, and also the thought of a left winged political infiltration of society that does everything to destroy tradition, western culture and people. Included in the ideology is also a resistance against multiculturalism that is regarded as a force that enables an islamisation of society.

- This ideological environment is built up around blogs, websites, networks and ideologues. It reaches into the various european populist right winged parties.

- It is impossible to disregard the ideological environment where Behring Breivik has structured his views on society if you want to understand the causes behind the terrorist attack in Oslo the 22 of July. Behring Breivik has taken contemporary anti muslim rhetoric and driven it to the most extreme point. That is why he sees the social democratic workers party as a legitimate enemy.

- We have seen terrorist acts with an anti muslim agenda before around the world. It was not long ago that Europe experienced genocide where muslims were the target. But the terrorist acts in Oslo on the 22 of July is the first example of terrorism of a greater scale where the culprit is an individual from the anti muslim environment. This doesn't mean that those who are part of the anti muslim ideology also are guilty of the crime, nor can they be held responsible for it. It is also important to remember that the anti muslim movement neither supports terrorism or consider it to be a legitimate working method.

- The terrorist acts point to a worrying development. The fact that Anders Behring Breivik was inspiried inside the anti muslim movement and it's doomsday prophecies show that anti muslim ideology can act as fuel for a radicalisation process.

- Expo does not know Anders Behring Breivik from earlier. Neither have we heard of the organisation that he says that he belongs to.

- There is information that points to some parts of the manifest as being copied from other sources. It it important to remember that this does not oppose the fact that Anders Behring Breivik used the material in order to spread information about his ideas and the ideology that he used to build his world of ideas.

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