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Ditt stöd hjälper oss bekämpa rasism och främja demokrati genom granskning och kunskapsspridning.

"Well, CNN and other liberal media outlets reporting that there's no crisis in Sweden after President Trump mentioned crime in the country at Saturday night's rally. But take a look at these images," the Fox Business anchor says in the introduction to the segment, which aired on February 21.

In the segment, images show torched cars in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, and next the anchor introduces Ingrid Carlqvist:

"So what's the reality? Well, let's ask somebody who's on the ground there. Swedish columnist Ingrid Carlqvist joins us now from her home country."

Ingrid Carlqvist says in the segment that Sweden has reached a "critical mass" of immigrants that "don't love Sweden" and "don't love Swedish people".

The Fox Business anchor ends the interview by exclaiming: "Sweden is not Swedish anymore, oh my gosh."

What the viewers are never told is that Ingrid Carlqvist has been a central player in the anti-Muslim counter-jihad movement. Nor are the viewers made aware that she recently accused "representatives of the ethnic group of Jews" in Sweden of being behind Sweden's cultural diversity, a conspiracy theory that Swedish nazis have long promoted.

Carlqvist is known for her hard-line anti-Muslim views. In December 2016, on a podcast run by members of the violent nazi organization "Nordic Resistance Movement", she declared that she wants to drive out all Swedish Muslims from the country. (Radio Regeringen #28, 21 December 2016.)

She has previously written for the Gatestone Institute, an American think tank. Carlqvist parted ways with Gatestone last year.

In recent years, Ingrid Carlqvist has moved closer to the openly racist, white supremacist milieu in Sweden. She recently declared her willingness to collaborate with the Nordic Resistance Movement, a militant nazi group.

Last year she was one of the speakers at Stockholm's annual fascist conference "Identitarian Ideas". She also attended this year's conference, where a new alliance between the organizers and the American Alt-Right movement and Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute was announced. Spencer gained international notoriety after giving a speech in praise of Donald Trump in which he yelled "Hail Trump!", while large sections of the audience stretched out their right arms in a Hitler salute.

"Jews in the vanguard of Sweden's cruel transformation"
In February, during a presentation of her new book at a seminar in Gothenburg, she stated that the big problem wasn't just Muslims. It was also Jews.

"It pains me, believe me, to have to state this. But those who have been the vanguard of Sweden's cruel transformation into Absurdistan are Jews. In my naïvity, I have viewed Swedish Jews as entirely sympathetic to the fatherland. Presumably the majority is, but those who stubbornly and purposefully, in the 60s, claimed that Sweden was awful and had to change, were above all Jews."

Ingrid Carlqvist also declared that she considers those who advocate cultural diversity to be "traitors to the people" (folkförrädare) and that she looks forward to their being punished by a tribunal.

"They are traitors to the country (landsförrädare), they are traitors to the people (folkförrädare) and the eternal question is: Have they done this because they are really stupid or is it part of a diabolical plan to eradicate Europe?"

Carlqvist also discussed her theory of an underlying agenda behind cultural diversity.

"If a people is splintered and warring against each other […] it is easier to take control over a country," she said.

Defining Swedes as white and blue-eyed
Carlqvist does not just move in the same circles as white supremacists, but also expresses the same ideological convictions.

"Our country's population is homogeneous not just in terms of the race but also in many other respects," she asserted during her presentation in February.

To Carlqvist, Swedes are white and blue-eyed and, she claims, are a people under threat.

"About 17 percent of the world's population consists of white people. However, our polticians don't seem to care that we are getting fewer and fewer – on the contrary. The same politicians who speak of the importance of diversity are not the least interested in Swedes surviving as a people."

"No-one cares whether the children who are born here are Swedes or not. Being blue-eyed is not just an eye color, it is also a figure of speech meaning being naïve, and one can't help but wonder if it is related. Are we so blue-eyed that we cannot see we are getting exterminated?"

Ingrid Carlqvist is not the first Swede to be picked up by American media to confirm Donald Trump's view of Sweden as a country in crisis due to immigration. A Fox News interview with pundit Nils Bildt was recently the subject of controversy, as it was revealed the channel incorrectly presented Bildt as being a national security adviser in Sweden; in fact he was not.

Translation: Morgan Finnsiö